My amateur radio Journey

When I was in high school, I took a class on ham radio.

I didn’t take an exam at the time because I didn’t own the necessary equipment, didn’t know what equipment was required, & didn’t know anyone else enjoying the hobby.

Fast-forward to the summer of this year, & my friend, John & I were talking.

During one of our conversations, the topic of ham radio came up, & he began offering me study sessions via zoom.

He also sent me a Walkie-talkie.

During our zoom sessions, we read & discuss the question pool, for the technician class license, one section at a time.

I’m still in the process of studying for my license, but have also started college. (More details on that, in my next post.)

I hope I can take my exam, & obtain my license, before next year.

I say that because at the beginning of next year, a $35 fee will be required for all new license applications, renewals, &/or upgrades, & I prefer not to have to pay that, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

In my limited use of the equipment I received, I’ve really been enjoying the hobby. I certainly hope I can get my license, and get on the air very soon!

As of April 15, 2022, I’m officially a licensed ham! My call is KE8UPE! I’m hoping to go for my general soon! Until then, I’ll just keep enjoying the technician level privilages of my new-found favorite hobby!

It allowed me to achieve a dream, and also prove to myself and others, that anything is possible.

My encouragement to others, “set a goal, and go for it! “