If Voiceover refuses to say the word “search”

If you’re a Voiceover user & your device is running ios 17.1.1 or newer, you may have run into an issue, where Voiceover loses its label for this button.

When I had this issue, voiceover would just say, “button” when encountering the search tab of the following applications. Mona, Which is a third-party mastodon app, the App Store and Apple podcasts.

To work around this, I labeled the button by doing the following. Note: you only need to do this once and it will work everywhere, this bug has appeared.

  1. Triple tap one of the applications listed above.

  2. 2. Activate the search button and perform a two finger triple tap and hold. This is the label element command.

  3. 3. In the field that comes up, type the word search and press return.

IOS web browsing tip

For those of us who like to browse the web from our iDevices, I was doing that recently & came across this feature.

From my experimentation, I can tell you that this tip works with #Brave & #MicrosoftEdge.

Below, is a very easy way to close specific tabs, assuming you don’t want to close them all.

To test this for yourself, try the following :

1. Open either Brave or Edge.

2. Put Voiceover focus on the item in the bottom right-hand corner of your iPhonescreen. (On iPad, it’s at the top.) Voiceover will say, “open tabs, immediately followed by a number. this number is the number of tabs you currently have open.

3. double tap this.

4. now, put Voiceover focus on an item you’d like to close and swipe three fingers to the left.