How do I send a tab from one device to another?

Recently, I was working in my web browser on my computer & needed to leave to go somewhere.

But, I didn’t want to lose what I was looking at.

So, I sent the tab from my computer to my iPhone.

To perform the following steps, you’ll need Edge installed on all the devices you plan to use. It even works on Linux!

To send a tab to another device:

1. Press either alt+d or control+L to bring focus to the address bar.

2. Tab once. If your screen-reader says something about previous searches, remove them all, by tabbing then pressing enter until they’re all gone. (THE “send page” option & toolbar in general, won’t show up, until you do.)

3. Find the “send page” option & click it.

4. Choose the device you’d like to send the page to & there you go!

If you have any questions/issues, please comment & I’d be more than happy to assist you.