Suspending quick navigation keys

The following was taken directly from the jaws message center. I had no idea this feature even existed:

In JAWS, you can temporarily suspend the use of Navigation Quick Keys when on a web page by pressing INSERT+SHIFT+Z if using desktop keyboard layout, and CAPS LOCK+SHIFT+Z in laptop layout. This is useful if you need to use keystrokes native to a particular website that conflict with the use of Navigation Quick Keys. For example, when on YouTube, the letter is used to play or pause a video. When Navigation Quick Keys are on, pressing navigates by Place Markers rather than executing the command provided by YouTube. Suspending Navigation Quick Keys enables the use of to play or pause a video while allowing you to leave the Virtual PC Cursor on to navigate the page as you normally would.

Navigation Quick Keys include T to navigate by table, H to navigate by heading, or L to navigate by list. Navigation Quick Keys are turned on again when you move focus away from the current browser window, navigate to a new page, or execute the command once more.

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